Why Choose Our Practice?

We understand how inconvenient and costly selecting the wrong oral and maxillofacial surgeon can be. Because of this, we at Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte are pleased to inform you we have simplified that process by simply being the best around! Whenever you find yourself in need of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we guarantee that when you select our facility, you will not only have your needs met, you will be beyond satisfied! Contact us today to set up a consultation session or appointment!

We have thrown together a quick list of qualities that detail why our practice is the absolute best in the business:

We Offer an Array of Oral & Maxillofacial Services

From teeth removal to extensive oral surgeries, we offer a robust variety of procedures, and you are sure to find yours on the list! The services we offer include: wisdom teeth removal for preventative and orthodontic purposes, dental implants, treatment of facial trauma, treatment of dental infections, preparation of the mouth for dentures, TMJ disorder, bone grafting, and much more. We also personalize procedures based on the patient's information that we gather from our consultations. Contact our facility in order to inquire further about our available procedures.

We Allow You to Download Forms Online

When you decide on Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte, you also decide on saving time and eliminating the hassle of filling out forms at our facilities. How many times have you arrived at a medical facility, only to be burdened by the timely process of filling out your forms? Instead of making you wait, we allow patients to download their forms online. Just simply download them from our website, print, and then remember to bring them with you! You can very easily find our forms under the Patient Information tab on our website. We offer forms in both English and Español.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

As part of our financial policy, for your convenience, we accept all major credit cards for payment. This said, we also offer CareCredit, and if you happen to be declined by CareCredit, we will potentially offer in-house financing, especially in emergency situations. In addition, all professional services are filed to your insurance as a courtesy, taking yet another burden off your shoulders!

We Are Very Qualified

Finally, you should choose our facility because we are well-equipped with Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, such as; Dr. Karthik Naidu, Dr. Erik Reitter, and Dr. Matthew Bronk who have tons of experience and positive reviews in this industry.

All of our doctors are board certified, and are capable of providing you exactly what you want and need. Furthermore, every member of our staff has had abundant training in oral surgery, and all posses great knowledge regarding patient needs. We are all very happy to assist you throughout your entire experience at Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte.  

Our mission is to provide the highest quality surgical care in the highest quality facility, and this is just what we do!

Contact us today to book an appointment. We look forward to working with you!


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