Dental Implants Charlotte

Quality Replacement for Missing Teeth

Each and every day; whether feasting with friends in a hotel or eating at home, your teeth have a lot of effect in your capacity to eat and appreciate life. Numerous patients experience the ill effects of having damaged or missing teeth and need a thorough, full mouth make over.

Dental implants function well to re-establish both the capacity and appearance of your teeth. They serve as the best choice for teeth replacement. Our Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons have helped incalculable patients recover their characteristic, solid and useful grin through a few sorts of dental implant procedures.

What Are Dental-Implants?

Dental implants are intended to act as perfect teeth replacement. They have an appearance similar to that of normal teeth. Implants likewise protect facial structure, counteracting bone disintegration that happens when teeth are absent.

The implants are little titanium-posts which are surgically set in your mouth to replace missing teeth. They are set in a way that the jawbone easily fuses with the titanium, making a solid establishment for prosthetic teeth. Little posts that give stable grapples to the artificial teeth project in the gums are then appended to support the implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Generally, implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. They are strong as natural teeth as they are made of porcelain. In fact, most patients find that speaking and chewing with implants is as natural as having original teeth. Moreover, implants prevent bone loss that can accompany missing teeth.

What are the different types of Dental Implants?

There are three main types of dental implants namely: single dental implants, All-on-4®, and mini-dental implants. Single dental implants are the most direct approach to supplant teeth. These prosthetic gadgets are what might as well be called a whole tooth from crown to root. A solid metal post is embedded into the jawbone, serving as a strong grapple for the tooth. Once the post wires with the bone, a changeless crown is put.

For patients who are missing most or the majority of their teeth, the All-on-4 choice is the ideal approach to make a full arrangement of strong and stylish teeth. This technique is like single dental implants in that it includes the utilization of surgical-review titanium posts. Lastly, Mini-Dental implants are small implants in the jawbone. These small implants make it conceivable to easily snap dentures on and off.

How is a dental implant surgery conducted?

We start by making a little gap in the jawbone underneath the territory that needs a substitution tooth. During the first six months, the implants are underneath your gums bit by bit holding in place with the jawbone. The titanium post has strings like those on a screw, making it easy for the post to diffuse with the surrounding bone. This procedure is given plentiful time to finish, although a crown can also be put on around the same time.

In any case, dental implants are finished with a porcelain crown. Consolidated with a strong stay inside the jaw, these sorts of crowns give patients full utilization of their new tooth. The whole implant procedure can take up to 8 months. Truth be told, the capacity and appearance of dental implants is quite similar to that of a natural teeth.

What should you expect after a dental implant?

After undergoing this procedure, you may experience some swelling. This is very ordinary and both will die down normally following a couple of days. Swelling can be lessened with ice packs wrapped in a towel. You might be sore for a couple days after any surgery in your mouth; this can be effectively dealt with by taking some painkillers. Some minor bleeding after surgery in the mouth is typical.

On the off chance that this holds on, apply some pressure to the bleeding tooth by gnawing solidly down over the region on a hosed dressing swab or clean hanky for an hour while sitting upright. Attempt to keep food particles far from the surgical region for some time. Remember to always wash and rinse your mouth after taking every meal to keep the region clean. You ought to begin cleaning your other teeth as ordinary as possible with a toothbrush, beginning on the night of your surgery. Abstain from brushing the surgical site for the first few days.

Why Choose Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte for your Dental Implants?

Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte is furnished with the most recent innovation and techniques for fixing dental implants. Whether you’ve had lost your tooth due to poor oral hygiene or any other reason, Charlotte dentists can fix the missing tooth. Through surgery, we can easily replace artificial teeth that have the same functionality as natural teeth. Our well trained and board-certified oral surgeons in Charlotte have vast experience in dental implant surgeries and can additionally fix all your dental issues from dental crowns to All-On-4 implants.


With regards to having a full mouth reconstruction, dental implants are the most capable for re-establishing your grin. Oral Surgery Associates of Charlotte has put endless implants and has helped patients recover each part of their grin, from capacity to appearance.

In the event that you are prepared for a more joyful and more advantageous way of life through a winning smile, call (704) 549-8020 or schedule an appointment.